City of Clearwater
Water Treatment Plant #2, Clearwater, FL 

Clearwater Wastewater Plant #2


The City of Clearwater wanted to build a new, upgraded facility capable of producing its own water to supplement the city's potable water supply. The new facility would be able to produce water less expensively when compared to the price of purchasing water from entities such as Pinellas County and Tampa Bay Water. 


Poole & Kent Company of Florida (P&K) provided the professional installation of a lead- ing-edge reverse osmosis water treatment system that increased water production, provided high-quality drinking water at an affordable price, and was designed with the ability to accommodate all future growth requirements. 


P&K was hired to construct a new 6.25 MGD brackish reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment plant to include both raw water supply and a deep injection well for concentrate disposal. The scope of services included: 

  • Demolition of existing structures including the generator room, pump room, chemical room and other select structures
  • Construction of one main building to house the RO process and clean-in-place systems, chemical, electrical, and mechanical rooms, air compressor, bulk chemical storage, high service pumps and administration office areas
  • RO process system included three 1,520 gpm/200 HP variable frequency high pressure feed pumps, and three 1.75 mgd two-stage treatment skids
  • Transfer pump system including three 1,220 gpm transfer pumps, pump discharge header, suction piping into the ozone dissipation chamber wet well, flow meter, and static mixer
  • Iron treatment system including one aeration system, three 0.5 mgd vertical filter vessels, one detention vessel, feed and discharge piping, control valves, sample taps, air release valves, backwash system, backwash air blower, associated air piping, backwash disposal wet well and two 1,740 gpm backwash disposal pumps
  • Five chemical feed systems for corrosion inhibitor, caustic, ammonia, sodium hypochlorite, and scale inhibitor addition to process water. These systems include bulk storage tanks with associated piping and appurtenances, day tanks, injection pump skids, dual contained injection piping, and pipe injection assemblies.
  • New 2.5 million gallon (MG) finished water ground storage tank and piping modifications to the existing 5.0 MG finished water ground storage tank. The improvements include recoating the exterior of the existing tank, and yard piping and valves necessary to operate ground storage tanks in parallel.
  • New 1.5 MG concentrate ground storage tank including piping and valves, ground storage tank inlet standpipes with associated supports to be connected to the deep injection well
  • Installation of three new high service pumps, motors, and variable frequency drives (VFD's) ranging from 835 GPM to 1,670 GPM
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) system including CIP tanks, CIP transfer pump, CIP cartridge filter, process piping, valves and flow meters
  • Construction of one metal building to house the ozone treatment system including two 220 pounds per day (ppd) ozone generators, power supply units, cooling water system, nitrogen boost system, two sidestream injectors with booster pumps and degasification, ozone dissipation chamber, ozone destruct skids, liquid oxygen (LOX) storage area including a LOX storage tank, two LOX vaporizers, piping and valves
  • Deep injection well head and related yard piping, above ground piping, valves, and flow meter necessary to operate and to provide early substantial completion of deep well facilities
  • 0.72 acre storm water pond that includes a wet pond and littoral shelf
  • Electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems including one 1500 KW standby power generation system, diesel fuel storage tank, and uninterruptable power supply system.
  • Control and alarm systems which include all controls and alarms necessary to operate the RO, ozone, transfer pumps, pressure filters, pressure filters backwash supply, ground storage tank level, concentrate storage tank level, high service pumps, and chemical feed systems. SCADA system shall be provided for communication within the expanded plant and with other City plant locations.
  • Communication equipment at 12 new raw water wells and 4 existing raw water wells to enable communication between City plant locations and each raw water well. Communication equipment includes antenna towers of various heights, radios, PLC panels, pressure transmitters, and related electrical and control work.
  • Site improvements including landscaping, yard piping, storm drainage system, miscellaneous concrete pads, one dumpster enclosure, sidewalks and miscellaneous parking areas, and roadway


The City of Clearwater's water supply is procured from the Upper Floridian Aquifer on the Pinellas Peninsula. Since the 1920's, the city has produced water from its own local wellfield. Over time, increased mineralization has forced the abandonment of certain wells, which has reduced the amount of water produced from the wellfield. The City of Clearwater owns and operates numerous groundwater wells, which draw water from the Floridian Aquifer. In addition to the groundwater wells, the city owns and operates three water treatment plants. The city has elected to expand the system capacity by adding re- verse osmosis components to all three facilities to reduce its reliance on surrounding utili- ties. Water Treatment Plant No 1. is a 3.0 MGD reverse osmosis facility while WTP No. 2 and WTP No. 3 treat fresh water blended with Pinellas County potable water. 



Poole & Kent Company of Florida

City of Clearwater, FL

June 2013-February 2015


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